Why Choose Comica Vimo S & Vimo C

Why Choose Comica Vimo S & Vimo C

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Why Choose Comica Vimo S & Vimo C

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The newest 2.4G dual-channel mini microphones from Comica, the Vimo S and Vimo C, record the sound you desire and are ideal for every lifestyle—whether you're recording videos, vlogs, live streams, interviews, online meetings, or podcasts. The Vimo S stands for smartphone users, and the Vimo C is for professional camera users. Compatible with your lifestyle and many devices, the tiny but powerful Vimo S and C feature innovation inside and out.


Better Sound Quality


Whatever you use to create, don't let terrible audio get in the way. For that, the 48 kHz/24-bit high-standard recording of Vimo S & C enhances audio quality. Furthermore, the built-in DSP intelligent denoise allows users to enjoy superior noise-isolated audio.



More Stylish Design


The Vimo S is designed with style and substance in mind. The innovative magnetic design integrates the receiver and charging case into one. Gently slide the charging case with your hands, and the receiver comes out smoothly. Insert the receiver into your smartphone to get it to work, making it plug-and-play for a simple user experience. There are USB-C and Lightning versions. The MFi certification for the Lightning version makes it safe to use it while recording.



The more robust design of Vimo C emphasizes its professionalism, and the use of cutting lines and a power indicator conveys its character and sense of technology. The Vimo C provides excellent isolation, and super shielding performance, ensuring you get perfect recording in any scenario.




Longer Battery Life


No matter where you go, there is always power on Vimo S & C. With a 2-in-1 charging/monitoring adapter cable, the Vimo S & C are engineered to keep users inspired throughout the day.




The Vimo S supports pass-through phone charging. You can charge your phone while using it, so there is no need to worry if your smartphone's battery is running low. With up to 5-hour battery life in the transmitter and up to 15 more with the case, the performance of Vimo S is never compromised.




In the same way, the Vimo C is good for up to 8 hours on a single charge with USB-C charging and for up to 20 hours with the case. The Vimo C can be used to record while it is charging.



Higher User Satisfaction


Built for productivity and designed to spark creativity. The Vimo S & C have a variety of recording mode options you can choose from. Switching between mono and stereo output modes provides flexibility in post-production. Furthermore, the Vimo C includes a safety mode that prevents popping and sound distortion in noisy environments. 




Designed with a monitoring function, Vimo S & C make sure you can adjust the recording status at any time. What's more, the one-key mute on Vimo S & C allows for easy handling of recording emergencies. The stepless gain adjustment on Vimo S and the four-level volume control on Vimo C let you adjust the output volume as needed. 




Comica is delighted to launch the latest Vimo S and Vimo C. Fact that our Comica products are always pushing the limits in the microphone field, whether it's in the build of the product or our pursuit of new user-focused features. We haven't lost sight of the essentials, however, we continue to promote your recording experience!




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