What the STA-U1 Use for?

What the STA-U1 Use for?

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(Summary description)What can I use the STA-U1 for? | Audio Tips Every Week!

What the STA-U1 Use for?

(Summary description)What can I use the STA-U1 for? | Audio Tips Every Week!

  • Categories:News
  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-19 16:43
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What can I use the STA-U1 for?


See how STA-U1 accurately locates your need 

and becomes an efficient tool for your audio!


NO.1 Broadcast


Users who often do broadcast may need to use phones/computers/pads according to different contents. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of microphones. The compatibility of STA-U1 is enough to meet the needs of live broadcast users. It does not require a sound card and is compatible with various devices and systems, such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, and Raspberry Pi OS system.


Real-time monitoring is also one of the key points of the live broadcast. STA-U1 can not only monitor your voice in real-time but also realize two-way monitoring. When you add the background music or invite a guest to join your live, you can hear their sound, experiencing a stronger sense of interaction. You can also use the mute button of the STA-U1 to immediately pause the sound recording when there is a live broadcast accident.


NO.2 Podcast

Podcasts are usually recorded at home or studio to share stories and opinions and have the ultimate pursuit of sound quality from the microphone. Choose the STA-U1 for recording, this 16mm diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone can effectively filter the ambient sound, and achieve precise sound pickup, maximizing the restoration of full and rich low-frequency, delicate and clear mid-frequency, and natural high-frequency sound details.


If you want to make your episodes more interesting, you usually choose to record some more lively sounds to shorten the distance with your audience. The STA-U1 body can be rotated 360°, and the structure is flexible, allowing you to realize the freedom of recording. Unleash your inspiration and creativity, and unlock more new uses!


Usually, there are many electronic devices at home or studio, and the microphone is prone to get interference. STA-U1 is made of all-metal material and has a stronger shielding performance.

NO.3 Game Livestream

When we do a Game live, the most terrible thing is sound stuttering and sound delay. It cannot communicate with teammates smoothly, which affects the game experience and greatly reduces the live stream attraction. Use STA-U1 for game live to achieve 0 delays and no stuttering. Let your voice keep up with your speed and help you quickly carry the team battles!


For game streamers, a simple-to-operate device can reduce the preparation time before live. STA-U1 is compatible and powerful, plug and go. It can be used immediately in a few simple steps, allowing you to start a team efficiently and win the MVP!


In addition, the unique RGB light at the gain knob is also one of the highlights that cannot be ignored. The light color will change with the level of sound, full of e-sport atmosphere!

NO.4 Vocal Recording

STA-U1 adopts a 48kHz sampling rate and 24Bit dept, releasing mellow and delicate sound quality, bringing users a more pleasant vocal experience. If you are worried about recording sibilance, the STA-U1 is designed with a built-in pop filter. During recording, it actively helps you filter out unwanted low-frequency noise, and only records your beautiful voice.



You can use the 3.5mm monitor jack and the stepless gain knob to monitor and get perfect performance.


If you need to record instruments, then you can detach the base of STA-U1 and install the mic to any arms that have a 3/8 threaded hole.



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