What Can the VM10 PRO Use for?

What Can the VM10 PRO Use for?

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(Summary description)Recording with the VM10 PRO

What Can the VM10 PRO Use for?

(Summary description)Recording with the VM10 PRO

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Start Your Recording with the VM10 PRO

The VM10 PRO always records professional-quality content. Designed

  with 3.5mm and USB output ports, it connects to cameras smartphones,

computers, and tablets, making it easy to live-stream, vlog, podcast,

interview, and voice-over recordings.





Live Streaming


Wherever you are live streaming, get yourself a VM10 PRO that stays with

you all day long for extended use with no battery required, and plug and

play. Connect with the mobile device to better interact with your viewers!






Video Shooting


Want to start your video shooting? Bring the small-sized VM10 PRO and

      record everything without any worries. The VM10 PRO's unique double-layer

shock mount design keeps the recording stable. Put the wind muff on the

   VM10 PRO for outdoor recording and get stunning, pristine sound without

   wind noise. It's much better to start your creative work with the VM10 PRO!





Voice-over Recording


The VM10 PRO is specifically engineered to record high-quality sound

performances. It features a cardioid polar pattern and grid-type pickup

hole design, making it easier to deliver an outstanding audio experience

to your voice-over recordings.







Looking to get outstanding recording quality? Plug headphones into the

3.5mm output port in digital output mode. You can adjust your voice in

     real-time during podcasting. The VM10 PRO always maintains your recording

status and increases your working efficiency.



  The perfect audio partner, the VM10 PRO is something you need to record

  your journey. Share all the best moments of your daily life, and don't miss

the chance to enjoy your fun times!



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