WM200 PRO UHF Wireless Mic

WM200 PRO UHF Wireless Mic

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(Summary description)Introducing Comica WM200 PRO: UHF Metal Dual-channel Wireless Microphone

WM200 PRO UHF Wireless Mic

(Summary description)Introducing Comica WM200 PRO: UHF Metal Dual-channel Wireless Microphone

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  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-18 15:03
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WM200 PRO Legendary Audio, Record and Save


UHF Metal Dual-channel Wireless Microphone


With the increasing demand for high-resolution video, the requirements for sound quality are also getting higher. Comica grandly launched WM200 PRO, UHF metal dual-channel wireless microphone, to meet the needs for high-quality audio recording.

WM200 PRO is an UHF wireless microphone designed to create legendary audio for film production. It has excellent sound quality and stable transmission capabilities. WM200 PRO can be handy, making your shooting easy and efficient for broadcasting-level film shooting, video shooting, interview, speech and live stream.

Dual-channel Wireless, One Touch to Switch


With UHF dual-channel system, WM200 PRO can realize two sound sources recording simultaneously and quick A/B/A+B group switching. Instead of complex operations, one-touch to switch to the channel you need.


Micro SD Card Storage, Record and Save



WM200 PRO also supports Micro SD card for external memory. With an external inserted SD card, its transmitter can save the recording files in real-time and prevent invalid recording. The maximum capacity of the storage is 128GB, which can be used as a single recorder or used for audio backup. No longer to worry about accidental audio loss and other situations.

96 Channel for Multiple Devices Working Together


With 96 channels UHF system, WM200 PRO supports one transmitter to multiple receivers working at the same time, simplifying the steps of synchronizing audio tracks in the post-production, and also realizing multi-person monitoring. 


Due to its strong anti-interference ability, WM200 PRO can be used simultaneously and applied to record multiple sound sources at the same time to achieve diversified shooting.

180° Rotatable Antenna, Get More Stable Signal


On the Receiver, there is a 180° rotatable external antenna to achieve a stronger anti-interference ability, a longer transmission distance. Effective transmission working range up to 120m realizes smooth recording without staccato. The soft material design can withstand the external force without influencing signal transmission.


Firmware Update / Recording File's Transmission

The upgrade firmware and recording file can be transmitted via USB-C interface. High-speed transmission, efficient and convenient.

*"Update" or "Copy" function can not be used with “Recording” function at the same time.


Auto-scanning / Manual Channel-setting


Simple and easy to use with automatic scanning and manual channel-setting two paring methods. Keep the transmitter and receiver's IR sensor being closely aligned to complete the pairing. Efficient pairing, immediate recording.

M/S Switch, 16 Levels Gain Control


WM200 PRO inherits the Mono/Stereo options for post-production, one-button low-cut and adjustable 16-level gain control. Single-click the mute buttons on Receiver and Transmitters to control the recording status.


External Power / AA Battery for Power Supply

WM200 PRO supports using USB-C interface to connect external power and AA battery for power supply. Select the way you need. It's convenient to replace the AA battery, while USB-C interface external power supply can get endless recording for a longer time.

LCD Screen for Intuitive Operation and Usage

For effective recording, the WM200 PRO is designed with LCD display screens, which can be used to monitor working status, such as power, audio dynamics, and signal strength. And it also supports Chinese/English menu switching, which is convenient for all the users around the world.

Full Metal Manufacturing, Excellent Shielding

The transmitter and receiver are all made of metal, for better shielding performance, stable and durable.

Our mission is to create a legendary microphone for film production, and WM200 PRO is the exploration results. The 180° rotatable antenna design ensures stable signal transmission. It supports recording storage with a maximum capacity of 128GB. 

Record and Save, WM200 PRO meets your different needs.


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