Vimo Wireless Microphones

Vimo Wireless Microphones

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(Summary description)Use the Vimo Wireless Microphones for Four Different Scenarios

Vimo Wireless Microphones

(Summary description)Use the Vimo Wireless Microphones for Four Different Scenarios

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For Four Different Scenarios






Vlogging Shooting


Portability and high efficiency of the required equipment are increasingly emphasized in vlog shooting.


As a 2.4G dual-channel mini wireless microphone, the Vimo S supports plug-and-play and is easy to use by inserting it into your phone through a USB-C or Lightning output interface. Furthermore, the innovative magnetic design makes the Vimo S portable and as compact as wireless earbuds, which barely take up space in your backpack.




However, the Vimo C is the best option for vloggers who use the camera for more professional shooting. It is generally compatible with cameras, computers, smartphones, and other devices, and it can meet the need to work across multiple platforms.




Ambient noise such as traffic noise and crowd noise may often hinder vlogging. Both Vimo S and Vimo C use a built-in DSP chip that denoises with one-key noise to provide clear and clean sound quality, as well as convenient for post-editing.





Travel Shooting


High sound quality is crucial when shooting on the go. In order to fulfill the requirements of long-distance shooting and simultaneous recording, the Vimo series increases the wireless transmission distance to 200 meters. Additionally, the anti-interference performance of Vimo series microphones ensures a stable and continuous signal connection.



In outdoor shooting, do not let wind noise ruin your creativity. The wind muff is on the packaging list of Vimo series microphones. Put on the wind muff and get crystal-clear sounds by reducing the wind noise distractions around you.







Dual-channel is ideal for interviews, where two separate sound sources often need to be recorded at the same time. The Vimo S and Vimo C both have dual-channel selections. You can switch between mono and stereo modes with one touch to meet your creative demands. Besides, the Vimo C supports a safety mode that generates a -6 dB recording channel to prevent popping and sound distortion.



An IPS display screen on the Vimo C receiver allows you to watch the status of the audio dynamic bar for the two channels. By long pressing the A/B volume button, the screen can be rotated 180°, and it can also be read from the front when it is connected to a camera.





Live Streaming


More and more creators tend to use wireless microphones for live streaming. Besides, the battery life of the microphone is essential for any type of live stream. A microphone with a long battery life can significantly extend the duration of live streaming.


The transmitter of the Vimo S lasts up to 5 hours, and the total battery life of the microphone with the charging case is up to 15 hours. The Vimo C is good for up to 8 hours with a single transmitter/receiver and up to 20 hours using the charging case. The Vimo S receiver also supports pass-through phone charging when connected to a smartphone. It can avoid the problem of interruptions during live streaming due to the low battery power of smartphones.



The Vimo S transmitter is only 10 g, and the Vimo C transmitter is only 13 g, which makes it easy to clip the microphone to the clothes. The Vimo S for live streaming is small and portable, making it perfect for streamers who need to be less aware of the microphone's presence.




With the one-key mute function supported by the Vimo series, the streamers can deal with unexpected situations in live streaming. In addition, both vimo S and vimo C are equipped with a charging/monitoring two-in-one interface. The streamers can connect headphones to achieve real-time monitoring and adjust voice status in real time.



Use the compact, handy, and powerful Vimo S or Vimo C in these situations as your best option to record more great sounds. Get our Vimo series mini wireless microphone to enjoy more application scenarios like podcasts, online meetings, online classes, etc.


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