VDLive10 Wireless Microphone

VDLive10 Wireless Microphone

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(Summary description)Introducing Comica VDLive10: Versatile 2.4G Wireless USB Mic!

VDLive10 Wireless Microphone

(Summary description)Introducing Comica VDLive10: Versatile 2.4G Wireless USB Mic!

  • Categories:News
  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-17 17:06
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Comica VDLive10 Versatile Wireless USB Mic!

One for Video, One for Live


Announcing today the new release of a versatile 2.4G wireless USB mic VDLive10!

VDLive10 is derived from Video&Live. It's a wireless USB mic that is suitable for video shooting, live streaming, remote meeting, online teaching, etc.

Integrating 2.4G wireless tech and charging case, VDLive10 supports simplex/duplex transmission and analog/digital output. On this basis, VDLive10 remaining the lightweight design, transmitter weighs 14g, small and fabulous!

Universal 2.4G Dual-Channel Mic, Convenient for Recording

Adopting the global free 2.4G wireless tech, VDLive10 supports dual-channel recording. It is convenient and practical.

Optional Simplex/Duplex Transmission and Monitoring

In Simplex mode, the audio is transmitted to the receiver unidirectionally. The receiver monitors the sound from the mic.

In Duplex mode, signal interaction can be realized between the transmitter and receiver. Users can monitor the speaker and the sound from the device or platform. This is useful for online conferences, teaching, and guests interview while live streaming.

Analog&Digital Output Modes, Compatible with Diversified Devices

With USB and MI kits, VDLive10 can transmit digital signals accurately. Moreover, there is analog output on the VDLive10! Thus, VDLive10 can be widely used on smartphones, cameras, computers, and more

Mono/Stereo Switch, Volume Adjustment, and Mute Button

What's more amazing is that VDLive10 allows stereo recording on all common devices! In addition, VDLive10 retains volume adjustment and mute button!


Internal and External Mic Input, Flexible in Various Situations

Except for the built-in omnidirectional mic, the consumers can purchase a wired lav mic to further enhance the audio of VDLive10.

Intelligent Noise Reduction, Excellent Sound Quality

With intelligent noise reduction and a sound delay of less than 20ms, VDLive10 can record stably in a 30m open area. The audio is clear, natural, clean, and smooth!


Compact and Portable Charging Case


Short battery life has always annoyed wireless mic users. VDLive10 can stand by for 4 hours when fully charged. And the charging case can charge the entire kit 3 times!


High-Definition IPS Display, Visual Mic Working Status

It can monitor volume, audio dynamic and output mode in real time .


The release of VDLive10 demonstrates Comica's determination and perseverance in providing professional audio solutions to global users.


VDLive10 is the best choice for videography, live streaming, home office, and virtual class!

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