Ultimate Guide for Phone Streaming

Ultimate Guide for Phone Streaming

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(Summary description)Ultimate Guide for Smartphone Live Stream

Ultimate Guide for Phone Streaming

(Summary description)Ultimate Guide for Smartphone Live Stream

  • Categories:News
  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-16 11:13
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The Ultimate Guide for Your Smartphone Live Stream!




With the popularization of networks, live stream has become popular in recent years. A large number of YouTubers, TikTokers, and other content creators have emerged to use the compact smartphones to live stream since the Covid-19. How to make your live stream attractive and professional? Check the following tips carefully!


Enhance the Audio


The quality of your audio can make or break your live streaming experience. A connected external mic will take your smartphone live stream audio to a next level!


When you do some live stream under tutorial topics, such as exercise and cooking, you can pick up a wireless microphone system that will not bound you in a place. If you would not moving around, a directly plugged-in wired lavalier mic or directional shotgun mic will be a good choice.


Remember to wear a windscreen to protect the audio from wind noise when shooting outdoors. As to the compatibility, although mic output interfaces are various, with a proper adapter, they are usually compatible with multiple devices.

Brighten up Your Video

The same as sound, lighting is an art. Good lighting is one of the essential components of creating a better-looking video.


1. Avoid bright light behind the subject. Or your streaming video will be very dark and full of shadows.


2. Try an on-smartphone light. The on-smartphone light is great for on-the-go shots and provides an easy way to brighten your video and cut the shadows that appear on your subject.


3. Try a ring light. By raising a ring light above your subject and aiming it downwards, you will get lighting from multiple angles and get rid of the most shadows.

Stabilize Your Shooting

Nothing says unprofessional like footage that is bouncing up and down. Placing your smartphone onto a stand or tripod is a great solution for this.

Connect with a Stable Network

Internet connection is crucial for all live streaming. A poor connection from the live streamer will generally result in a video stuck and bring a bad viewer experience. When live streaming, you would better connect with a high-speed and stable network.

Do a Test Live before the Real One


When everything is ready, the next thing you need to do is to do a live rehearsal or test. Check your audio, lighting, location, and network. And improve the relevant settings of the live platform, like clarity, filters, etc. During the test, solve the problems you found in time.


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