To Solve Interference Problems

To Solve Interference Problems

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(Summary description)How to Troubleshoot and Eliminate Interference Problems in Live Streaming

To Solve Interference Problems

(Summary description)How to Troubleshoot and Eliminate Interference Problems in Live Streaming

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-22 15:41
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How to Troubleshoot and Eliminate

Interference Problems in Live Streaming


It is most likely device interference if you notice consistent noise, or if the 

wireless mic frequently disconnects in live streaming and the noise persists

even after checking the device and adjusting the mic multiple times.


For better understanding, we can categorize the interference sources into

two situations: The first is interference generated by the device required

for live streaming. The second is the interference by electrical equipment.





The devices needed for live streaming include cameras, mixers, mics, lighting,

and other live streaming devices, as well as a power supply and cable connection

to allow these devices to function normally. According to feedback, the primary

sources of sound interference are the camera and the electric controller

of high-power lights.




Now the camera equipped with 5G WiFi is to transport data to the mobile

device for editing and sharing as fast as possible. So it can interact with 2.4G

wireless mics, resulting in disconnection or a very slight buzzing noise. In this

case, you can turn off the camera's 5G WiFi, change the wireless transmission

in the settings to 2.4G WiFi, and activate airplane mode on the camera.



High-power lighting will interfere with the wireless mic due to two factors:

the electric box and the wireless control feature, such as the wireless

control module or wireless remote control. The electric box generates

wireless interference when it is working, which can easily affect the nearby

wireless mic. We discovered that there will be no interference as long as

the mic and the electric controller are kept more than 2 meters apart.


The wireless control feature is now included with the lighting. These wireless

control modules also communicate over the 2.4G frequency range, which may

interfere with the 2.4G wireless mic. Therefore, please turn off the wireless

lighting control before using and testing the mic or other equipment.




Interference and instability of the mic connections might also result from

using many sets of mics simultaneously. There is a limit to the number of

devices that can be used at the same time, whether it be 2.4G or UHF. For

BoomX-D and BoomX-D PRO, as an example, we recommend not using

more than three sets or a total of six transmitters. The BoomX-U QUA

can only use three sets or a total of twelve transmitters.




Electrical appliances from the surrounding environment can also affect the

live streaming. They include computer hosts, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

We can avoid such interference by not using high-powered electrical devices

in the live room.



It is worth noting the interference of wireless routers. Now the latest version

of routers supports 5G WiFi, and this frequency response will interfere with the

wireless mic. It is recommended that you put the router at a distance from the

mic and try to use a wired network to connect the live-streaming equipment.




The VM10 PRO is a mini cardioid digital shotgun mic and is perfect for streaming

when you don't have a treated room. It ignores ambient noise and delivers clean audio.


In addition, it can be used with an audio mixer in conjunction with wireless mics,

which allows you to get the best of both worlds. The VM10 PRO provides digital

and analog modes, making it ideal for vlogging, videography, and live streaming.



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