Recommended 3 Comica USB Mics

Recommended 3 Comica USB Mics

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(Summary description)Three Comica USB Microphones You Should Buy

Recommended 3 Comica USB Mics

(Summary description)Three Comica USB Microphones You Should Buy

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  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-22 16:57
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Three Comica USB  Microphones You Should Buy


With USB mics, a single cable is all you need to turn your laptop, desktop,

or mobile device into a recording studio. In 2022, Comica launched several

USB microphones. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned

microphone user, this article will help you better choose the most suitable





Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone




The STA-U1 is a cardioid condenser USB microphone, which shields ambient

noise much more aggressively while focusing more on what's in front. It is

equipped with a unique, colorful LED lighting effect design that shows visual

and audio dynamics and gains range. Besides, the full metal material makes

    the STA-U1 have super shielding performance and anti-interference capabilities.

 To meet your needs, it can be rotated 360°. The mic base is detachable with a

3/8 threaded hole for attaching to a tripod, boom mic stand, etc.


You have the flexibility to move around various recording locations with the

STA-U1, whether at home, in the studio, or at your desk. It is the perfect tool

to create amazing music and podcasts anywhere with STA-U1.


RGB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

RGB Umic



The RGB Umic is a USB microphone with a lightweight wood-grain design

and seven fantastic RGB effects. There is a big RGB light effect screen on

the front of the mic. The lighting effect changes continuously with the

recorded sound to create different immersive visual experiences.

Furthermore, the RGB Umic includes three reverb modes: original, room,

stage, and hall. Thanks to two-way monitoring, you can monitor your own

  sound as well as the platform simultaneously and adjust the audio status

as needed. In case of an emergency during recording, you can also mute it

with one touch. With a 1/4-inch thread hole, it is easy to connect a boom

mic to capture the audio.


The RGB Umic is especially suitable for game live streaming, singing, and

audiobook recording occasions. It takes your creations to new heights!


Mini Cardioid Digital Shotgun Microphone




The VM10 PRO is a compact shotgun microphone with special features for

digital and analog output modes that can be perfectly installed on different

devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, cameras, etc. while leaving

a minimal footprint. When you need to connect some mobile devices, you

can switch to digital mode with a single key. Real-time monitoring and preamp

gain control are also possible in digital mode. The VM10 PRO also has a stable

shock mount to reduce noise from vibration.


If you prefer outdoor vlogging and short filming, you can choose your favorite

device, camera, or phone to explore more interesting recordings with the



Compared to other types of microphones, USB microphones are an attractive

option for video creators because of their lossless sound quality, plug-and-play

convenience, and strong compatibility. Most beginners want to start their content

creation and learning these USB microphones from Comica will help you make

the best decision for your requirements.


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