Outstanding Features of VM10 PRO

Outstanding Features of VM10 PRO

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(Summary description)What are the Outstanding Features of VM10 PRO?

Outstanding Features of VM10 PRO

(Summary description)What are the Outstanding Features of VM10 PRO?

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-21 17:58
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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need VM10 PRO


The VM10 PRO is a mini-cardioid digital shotgun microphone. It features

  a high-quality cardioid condenser mic head on a compact body and many

practical functions, such as digital and analog dual output, gain control,

   and real-time monitoring. The newly upgraded VM10 PRO is worth having!

Here are three reasons why you should choose the VM10 PRO. 



Digital & Analog Dual Output


   Affected by the pandemic, we have unwittingly become accustomed to

performing our social activities online, such as the popularity of live

   streaming, online classes or meetings at home, and making more short

videos to share on online platforms, etc.


   However, there are an increasing number of issues with mic recording

during live streaming and online meetings. For instance, the adapter

     does not support audio input; compatibility issues arise after connecting

  the adapter; many software fails to identify the external mic; the audio

cable is difficult to store after connecting the adapter cable.




The traditional shotgun mic has only analog output, which makes it easy

      to connect cameras, mixers, and other devices with a 3.5mm audio interface.

But it is not ideal for mobile phones, tablets, or computers.


In this case, the VM10 PRO upgraded the digital and analog dual output

     functions, which support digital output and only require a USB cable, making

it convenient for the user to connect to an appropriate input device.




  It can significantly enhance the recording sound quality and efficiency if

you frequently use the mic for vlogs, live streaming, online meetings,

and online teaching.

Gain Control in Digital Mode

Considering everyone's voice and the distance between the mic are

    different when shooting video, the camera volume needs to be adjusted

according to the individual situation.


You can adjust the recording volume through the camera while the mic

 is connected to it for recording. However, it can be difficult to adjust the

recording volume and record the sound at the required volume when

using the mic on a phone, tablet, or computer.




  The output gain control on the VM10 PRO can effectively address this issue.

 In digital output mode, you can adjust the output gain through the orange

knob on the VM10 PRO to match the input gain of the mobile phone and

other devices. And you can get the audio at an appropriate volume.

Support for Real-time Monitor in Digital Mode


    It is necessary for us to pay attention to the recording status and monitor

the sound in real-time in video shooting, live streaming, or podcasting.

On mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, or some computers, the

   mic input and the monitoring interface are combined into one. However,

this does not meet the needs of real-time monitoring.


    In digital output mode, the VM10 PRO supports both real-time and two-way

monitoring, allowing users of live streaming, online meetings, and online

    classes to easily monitor their own voice as well as the sound from the device

at the same time, thus effectively promoting interaction with the audience.



  Are you excited to get your hands on the VM10 PRO after reading this

article? What are you waiting for? The time is now! Now available on

Amazon and AliExpress too!

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