New Release--Comica LinkFlex AD5

New Release--Comica LinkFlex AD5

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(Summary description)Introducing Comica LinkFlex AD5 Feature-packed Audio Interface

New Release--Comica LinkFlex AD5

(Summary description)Introducing Comica LinkFlex AD5 Feature-packed Audio Interface

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-28 10:44
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Introducing Comica LinkFlex AD5

Feature-packed Audio Interface



Since the growing popularity of audiobooks, podcasts, live streaming, gaming, etc., the demand for diversified audio interfaces has increased. Considering the complex operation and limited compatibility of traditional interfaces, Comica launches the LinkFlex AD5, which is targeted for recording, podcasting, and live streaming. It is a feature-packed audio interface that was born to be a perfect recording assistant.

Broadcast-grade Sound Quality Brought by Professional Audio Interface


48 kHz/24-bit recording of AD5 provides sound clarity and details; the built-in DSP sound card chip can multi-process the sound signal; the 115 dB high dynamic range and efficient AD/DA conversion lead to high-quality recording and transmission.


Diverse Interfaces & Multiple Knobs


Dual integrated XLR/6.35mm interfaces on the AD5 support 48V phantom-powered microphones and Hi-Z instruments. Multiple I/O interfaces make the device connection more flexible and widely suitable for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Four control knobs are designed to adjust the preamp gain, monitoring volume, and output gain independently. In addition, you can use various microphones thanks to the gain range of up to 65 dB.


Streaming & Recording Dual Optional Modes,Powerful Function


You can choose between recording and live streaming modes as needed. In streaming mode, AD5 outputs mono audio for easy compatibility with multiple live platforms. In recording mode, AD5 outputs stereo audio, so the sound is richer and fuller, facilitating post-editing.



Direct & Input Dual Monitoring Modes, More Selection


The AD5 features two 3.5 mm headphone monitoring interfaces and two 6.35 mm interfaces for connecting monitor speakers. What's more, there are unique direct and input monitoring modes. In direct mode, it supports mono and stereo monitoring without delay. In input mode, you can monitor the audio processed by the DAW software in real time. The monitoring volume control knob lets you better adjust the level.



Dual USB Interfaces for Dual PC Streaming


The AD5 has dual USB-C interfaces that allow you to connect two PCs and mobile devices at once. It is a useful tool to realize multi-platform synchronous live streaming to ensure efficient and smooth performance.



Loopback for Recording & Live Streaming


The Loopback function of the AD5 can capture audio from computers/mobile devices and transmit it to streaming/ recording platforms, combining audio from both application sources and audio input devices. Sampling, streaming, and podcasting work smoothly with AD5.


Multi-FX Modes, More Creativity


The AD5 is designed with three EQs (Deep, Natural, and Bright) and three reverb modes (Room, Stage, and Hall), which can not only change the timbre of the sound but also meet your creative needs in different scenarios.


Touch to Unlock the Powerful Performance


The high-definition LCD screen on the AD5 shows audio dynamics, so you can check the recording status. Besides, you can denoise, mute, and switch EQ and reverb modes with one touch. There are two denoise levels designed for dynamic microphones and condenser microphones respectively.


Long Battery Life & Excellent Portability


With a built-in 3000 mAh lithium battery, the AD5 lasts up to 6 hours. You can charge while in use with the USB-C charging interface. Weighing 470g, the AD5 is portable and easy to carry, allowing you to start your creations from anywhere with unlimited inspiration.




If you're looking for a versatile audio interface for recording, podcasting, gaming, music creation, and live streaming, the Comica LinkFlex AD5 is an excellent choice!


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