New Release--Comica ADCaster C1-K1

New Release--Comica ADCaster C1-K1

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New Release--Comica ADCaster C1-K1

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-26 16:16
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ADCaster C1-K1 Streaming/Podcast Audio Kit




Streaming has gone viral worldwide, and the demands for versatile audio interfaces have been increasing. However, the bulky body and complicated operation panel of traditional audio interfaces stop the novices, and the limited compatibility also makes it difficult for users to choose. In this case, COMICA launched the ADCaster C1-K1 audio interface and microphone kit. It is small, portable, and easy to operate while integrating multiple functions. And its diversified output interfaces are widely compatible with phones, tablets, and computers, making it perfect for streaming, singing, recording, and podcasting.





48kHz/24bit Sound Card, 16mm Cardioid Condenser Mic


ADCaster C1 has a 48kHz/24bit high sampling rate and bit depth, super low self-noise circuit, and multifunctions, presenting studio-level sound. And the 16mm cardioid condenser mic has excellent frequency response, intelligently reduces environmental noise, and captures clearer sound, providing HiFi sound quality.


Thin and Lightweight, Mini and Portable


The ADCaster C1 is incredibly thin and lightweight--just 16.5mm and 272g, as small as an iPad mini, breaking the shortcomings of traditional interfaces that are bulky and occupy a large space. Lead your creativity from indoors to outdoors to anywhere, anytime.


3.5 mm/XLR Multi Interfaces for 5V/48V Mic Input


Designed with dual 3.5mm input and dual XLR input interfaces that support 48V Panton power, ADCaster C1 supports 4 microphones input simultaneously without trouble during multi-people recording.


3.5 mm and USB-C Output Interfaces for Live Streaming


It comes with one USB-C digital output interface and dual 3.5mm analog interfaces to support connection with multiple mobile phones and computers, achieving multi-platform synchronous live streaming.


Built-in Bluetooth 5.3 Chipset


The adopted premium 5.3 Bluetooth chip supports stable transmission with low latency; it can be directly connected to the mobile phone without wire trouble. Audio transmits smoothly without stuttering.


Mic Preamps, Monitor Volume, Output Gain Control


The audio interface is equipped with two pre-amplification gain control knobs, up to 60dB of gain, and is widely compatible with high-impedance dynamic mics. It supports adjustment of background music volume, real-time monitor volume, and output gain for a better user experience.


Touch Control 3 EQ, 3 Reverbs and 5 Voice Effects


The high-end touch module design is more convenient than the traditional button control, which solves the problem that the sound of the key affects the recording, and the operation is visual and more flexible. Enrich your usage and bring you different experiences to make gaming and streaming more interesting.

3 EQ modes: Bright/Nature/Deep

3 Reverb modes: Hall/Stage/Room

5 Voice-changing: Male/Female/Robot/Monster/Automatic Tune


5 Presets and 1 Custom Sound Effects


5 warm-up sound effects of applause / laughter / cheers / funny / embarrassing and 1 custom sound effect. Freely record your favorite songs, music, beats, and others to customize exclusive sound effects. Set off a streaming/podcasting atmosphere at any time.


One-click Denoise/Loopback/Duck/Mute and Monitoring



Built-in Lithium Battery, 6-Hour Operating Time  



The built-in 1800mAh lithium battery support up to 6-hour operating time.


And the audio interface can be charged while using, suitable for long-time living streaming.


Equipped Microphone and Noise Reduction Accessories


The combined microphone with a cardioid pattern capsule can effectively shield the noise from the sides and rear; the metal pop filter banishes hissing and lisping sounds; the shock-absorbing structure minimizes the noise caused by vibrations, realizing triple noise reduction.


Comica ADCaster C1-K1 is a multifunctional and compact audio interface and mic kit. With plug-and-play, studio-level sound quality, fashionable design, and easy operation, it provides you with an excellent and convenient live broadcast experience and makes your audio professional-level, which is leading to a new trend of streaming/podcasting /recording.




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