New Release: VM10 PRO Mini Mic

New Release: VM10 PRO Mini Mic

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(Summary description)[New Release] Introducing the VM10 PRO—-Mini Cardioid Digital Shotgun Microphone

New Release: VM10 PRO Mini Mic

(Summary description)[New Release] Introducing the VM10 PRO—-Mini Cardioid Digital Shotgun Microphone

  • Categories:News
  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-21 16:12
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Introducing the VM10 PRO

Mini Cardioid Digital Shotgun Microphone


Comica released a Mini Cardioid Digital Shotgun Microphone—VM10 PRO. The compact body eases the load of the gadget for creators; integrating digital and analog dual outputs enables it to connect to more diverse devices. In the digital output mode, it supports gain adjustment and real-time monitoring to ensure the sound recording; plug and play, no power drive, achieving continuous work. It is a mic that records sound with outstanding quality and satisfies the comprehensive needs of content creators.

Cardioid Pattern, Accurate Sound Pickup


The cardioid polar pattern featured by the VM10 PRO focuses the pickup area on the front of the mic head. Moreover, it can effectively block ambient noise and echo to capture clear sound. The grid-type pickup hole's design enables sound to better pass through the interference tube and reach the diaphragm, giving users more excellent sound quality.



Digital / Analog Output Mode Switch, Universal for Camera and Smartphone


The VM10 PRO can switch between digital and analog dual output modes with one key. It works perfectly with smartphones, computers, tablets, and cameras, achieving the multi-use between a desk mic and an on-camera mic to accommodate more extensive shooting requirements.




Stepless Gain Control with Preamp in Digital Mode


The mic output gain can be flexibly adjusted in digital output mode under the requirements of usage. The headphone monitoring volume will also be changed following the gain adjustment to ensure that the output volume matches the monitoring volume.



Support Real-time Monitor in Digital Mode


In digital output mode, plug headphones into the 3.5mm output port of the VM10 PRO to monitor the audio in real-time, making it possible to get the hang of sound recording to improve shooting efficiency.



No Power Driven, Plug and Play


Working hours are essential for content creators while recording for an extended period. The VM10 PRO doesn't require batteries, and it can be connected to the appropriate device via the 3.5mm/USB-C output interface to meet the demand for ongoing creativity.



Professional Shock-mount, Effectively Shock Absorption


The steady recording is one of the key points of the creator's shooting. The unique double-layer shock-mount design of the VM10 PRO is durable and not easy to wear.



Full Metal Material, Super Shielding


The width of the VM10 PRO is 22mm, the length is 92mm, and it weighs only 37g. The body design is lightweight while maintaining multiple functions. The full metal body makes it have better shielding performance and be more durable.



The VM10 PRO has excellent sound quality, strong compatibility, real-time monitoring, and gained control for efficient recording. The lightweight design can be flexibly used in various scenarios, whether it is video shooting, voice-over recording, live streaming, or online meetings. The VM10 PRO fulfills a wide range of creators' expectations and gives more support for shooting and recording.





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