Introducing Comica Vimo S

Introducing Comica Vimo S

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(Summary description)Introducing Comica Vimo S - 2.4G Dual-channel Mini Wireless Microphone

Introducing Comica Vimo S

(Summary description)Introducing Comica Vimo S - 2.4G Dual-channel Mini Wireless Microphone

  • Categories:News
  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-12-05 17:19
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There is no shortage of good wireless microphones on the market, but the best ones should stand out for their compact performance, convenience, and versatility. The Comica Vimo S is just like that. As a 2.4G dual-channel mini microphone, it delivers excellent sound quality and many professional features in a tiny and stylish design that can accommodate both novice and expert users' different needs.


Mini and Lightweight, Unique Magnetic Integrated Microphone

The innovative magnetic design of the Vimo S combines the receiver and charging case into one unit, maximizing interior space and creating a special user experience. The finger-sized transmitter has a lightweight, mini design that's simple to wear and convenient to carry.




48kHz/24bit Record, Broadcasting-level Sound Quality

Outstanding CD sound quality on the Vimo S with a 48 kHz high sample rate and 24-bit depth meets professional-level recording requirements with ease. The Vimo S provides exquisite audio without sacrificing any sound details.



USB Digital Output, Universal for Computers and Phone

The Vimo S is available in both USB-C and Lightning versions, the Lightning version has passed Apple MFi certification, promising a clearer and safer recording. It is widely compatible with smartphones, computers, and tablets.


Stepless Volume Adjustment, One-key Muting and Denoise

The stepless gain control lets you adjust the volume for more flexible recording management. For unwanted sounds, you can use the one-key mute function. With the help of built-in DSP chips, the Vimo S intelligently denoises and filters ambient noise to deliver ultra-clear audio quality.


USB-C Charging/Monitoring Port, Support Pass-through Phone Charging

Pass-through phone charging is possible with a USB-C port on the Vimo S. It supports phone charging via the receiver while using. Besides, you can monitor it after connecting the 2-in-1 charging/monitoring adapter cable. This is ideal for long-term live streaming or recording.


Support Monitoring with Zero-latency and Mono/Stereo Switch

The Vimo S has real-time monitoring, making it easy to check the recording status. It includes two transmitters, and you can switch between mono and stereo modes with one touch for creative demands.


Rechargeable Storage Case for Charging, Storing and Power Monitoring

The modular magnetic design allows for easy storage. The Vimo S will be on and paired automatically as soon as you open the case. With a digital power display screen, you can see the electricity at a glance.


Duration Up to 15 Hours, Support Using While Charging

The transmitter lasts up to 5 hours, and the total battery life of the microphone with the charging case is up to 15 hours. Even if the battery is completely depleted, the Vimo S can be charged while in use.


Low Latency < 20ms, Working Range Up to 200m (Open Area)

The stable transmission of Vimo S for nearly 200 m (in an open area) with less than 20 ms delay, makes long-distance recording worry-free.


The unique all-in-one magnetic design makes the Vimo S portable and as compact as wireless earbuds. The Vimo S is incredibly tiny but powerful and works well with both smartphones and PCs in a wide range of scenarios, including video recording, vlogging, live streaming, interviewing, online conferences, and online courses.


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