Introducing CVM-VM30 Wireless Shotgun Mic

Introducing CVM-VM30 Wireless Shotgun Mic

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(Summary description)

Introducing CVM-VM30 Wireless Shotgun Mic

(Summary description)

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2.4G Super Cardioid Condenser Wireless Shotgun Microphone





In the we-media industry related to video shooting, live streaming, interviews, film-making, etc, the shotgun microphone has become a mainstream recording tool due to its accurate pick-up pattern and high-quality sound. However, traditional shotgun microphones also come with problems like entanglement of wires and short recording distances. 

To solve the problems, the Comica team developed an innovative shotgun microphone CVM-VM30 with a wireless module. It can be used as a shotgun mic alone as well as a wireless mic with the receiver, reaching up to 100 meters of wireless transmission distance for freer shooting and more application scenarios.






Groundbreaking Shotgun Microphone with Integrated Wireless Module





The industry's first shotgun microphone is integrated with a wireless radio frequency module. It can be used independently or with a receiver as a wireless system, which is easy to operate, stable to transmit, and freer to shoot.




Support Wired/Wireless Dual Modes by One-button Switch




In wired mode, the output port of the shotgun microphone can intelligently sense TRS/TRRS output device. 




As a wireless microphone, it can be paired automatically and used with arm stands, tripods, boom poles, etc., for content creation, film-making, live streaming, podcasting, and more.




Auto Power On/Off Feature, Plug and Play





The shotgun microphone can automatically turn on/off when connecting/disconnecting the output device in wired mode, which is plug-and-play, easy to use, and power-saving.





48kHz/24bit Super Cardioid Recording, Broadcasting-level Sound Quality




48kHz/24bit high sampling rate and bit depth achieve high-fidelity sound quality; super cardioid pattern can accurately pick up sound sources, reduce ambient noise, and make the overall sound clean and delicate.



Digital/Analog Output, Universal for Camera, Smartphone, Computer




Analog output supports the precise resolution and easier signal processing. 


Digital output provides lossless and high-fidelity sound quality.




Support Gain Control, Safety Mode, Real-time Monitor and Muting





75/150Hz Two Low-cut Filter Modes, High-frequency Boost




VM30 supports 75/150Hz low-cut and high-frequency boost. Low-cut can effectively filter out low-frequency noise, making the sound quality purer. And high-frequency boost can enhance sound detail and clarity.



OLED Screen for Monitoring and Visual Operation




The unique mic with a screen displays the signal status, audio mode, battery power, audio dynamics, etc. in real-time, supporting visual operation. 

The IPS screen of the receiver displays the pairing status, gain level, battery power, audio dynamics, etc. You can flip the screen to get best angle for camera operator.



Ultra-long Battery Life Support Charging While Using





With the built-in lithium battery, the microphone set can work up to 50 hours in wired mode and up to 7 hours in wireless mode. It also supports charging while using, which provides longer endurance.




Low Latency<20ms, Wireless Working Range Up to 100m




Less than 20ms latency makes the audio transmission high-efficient and synchronized with the video. The wireless working range is up to 100m in an open area and up to 20m even in complex environments, which is stable and smooth without dropouts.



Equipped with Shock Mount and High-density Wind muff




The equipped high-density windscreen and wind muff effectively filter various noises and ensure clean reception even when shooting outdoors; the matching shock-absorbing bracket can reduce external vibration interference and improve recording quality.



Full Metal Material, Super-shielding, Stable and Durable




The full metal body of the shotgun mic can effectively shield external interference and ensure the audio clear and natural; metal material makes for a high-end look, comfortable grip, and long-lasting use.





Such an innovative design and extraordinary features makes VM30 not only a high-performance shotgun microphone but also a multi-functional wireless microphone, which can meet the recording needs of various scenes. It is definitely a productive tool for your video shooting, live streaming, recording, podcasting, interviewing, etc.



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