How to Start Podcast with VM10 PRO

How to Start Podcast with VM10 PRO

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(Summary description)How to Start Podcast with VM10 PRO

How to Start Podcast with VM10 PRO

(Summary description)How to Start Podcast with VM10 PRO

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  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-22 11:28
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What is the Best Mic for Podcasting?

Let VM10 PRO Tell You!


A podcast is an entertaining and informative audio program where you can

share audio content on a specific topic or story. You can release your own

content to express your viewpoint on podcasts. It serves as a forum for

personal expression as well as a way to hear various opinions and learn

new things.

Equipment Preparation

If you have plans to become a podcaster, gathering the recording gear

for your podcast is necessary. In theory, you could record and upload a

podcast using nothing more than your smartphone. However, the following

tools are also essential for the successful production of a podcast.


First, you will need a mic with higher sound quality for recording.

Second, a headphone for monitoring your voice status.

Third, a laptop or desktop computer. Higher-end computers may have

improved audio production capabilities.



Prepare Your Content

Think about what you want your podcast to be about and what it will cover.

If you're out of ideas, you can listen to some of the more popular podcasts

to get a sense of the style and content. Or choose a podcast topic that

you're passionate about or good at.


Write a script or sketch out the content for your podcast. Scripting or

sketching should be one of the important parts of your prep time. That

way, it can help you brainstorm the content and be confident in what you

want to say and how you want to convey it.



Record the Audio for Your Podcast

Recording podcasts requires good sound quality, which makes the audience

focus on your podcast content. Therefore, you need to choose a mic with

excellent sound quality. The VM10 PRO features a cardioid pattern that

effectively blocks ambient noise and echoes to capture clear sound.

The VM10 PRO integrates digital and analog dual outputs, allowing it to

connect to more diverse devices. It is fully compatible with smartphones,

computers, tablets, and cameras. Lossless sound quality is offered in digital



When recording, the distance between the mic and the sound source should

be about 6 inches. In digital mode, it is recommended to plug the headphones

into the monitoring hole to monitor the recorded sound. So you can adjust

your voice volume and status in real-time.


In digital output mode, the orange gain control knob on the VM10 PRO

allows you to adjust the output gain to match the input gain of the computer

and other devices. Therefore, you can get the audio at an appropriate volume.

Listen to your podcast through audio editing software and alter different

aspects at any time. After editing, you can upload the audio to the podcast platform.




When you record podcasts, the VM10 PRO creates an immersive audio

experience for you. The VM10 PRO inspires your creativity at any time!


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