Fast Q&A on STA-U1

Fast Q&A on STA-U1

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(Summary description)Fast Q&A STA-U1 | All You Want to Know!

Fast Q&A on STA-U1

(Summary description)Fast Q&A STA-U1 | All You Want to Know!

  • Categories:News
  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-19 16:07
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All You Want to Know about STA-U1!



1. What devices and systems can STA-U1 be compatible with?


With USB-C digital output, STA-U1 is suitable for phones, computers, PS4/PS5, and Xbox, widely compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, and Raspberry Pi OS systems.



2. How to connect STA-U1 with Lightning device or USB-A interface computer?


When connecting a Lightning device, you need a USB-C to Lightning adapter cable with OTG function; when connecting a computer with a USB-A interface, you can use the USB-C to USB-A adapter which we equipped in the kit.


*USB C-Lightning adapter cable with OTG function needs to be purchased by yourself




3. Can I use STA-U1 with my camera?

STA-U1 is a microphone with USB digital output, the camera only has a 3.5mm interface, that is, it does not support connection with the camera.

If necessary, you can connect the USB-C interface of STA-U1 to your phone for power supply, and then connect the microphone monitoring interface and the camera through a 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cable, you are good to go.


*Since the output is through the monitoring, that is to say, it output the monitoring sound to your camera, and the sound quality cannot be guaranteed.


4. Does STA-U1 need to be used with a sound card?

No, STA-U1 adopts a built-in sound card design, no need to use an additional sound card. Plug and play.


5. What's the best angle and distance?

Initially, you need to align the sound source with the "C" logo on the front of the STA-U1. The recommended distance is 10-25cm. But if you speak loud or the volume of the sound source is high, it needs to be used at a distance of 40cm, otherwise it may cause popping or distortion. The Best way to adjust the distance is to monitor and find the sweet spot.


6. How to charge my phone and record at the same time?

You will need a two-in-one USBC to USBC Audio Adapter and Charger cable. But please make sure it indeed supports audio input.


7. How to avoid unacceptable noise floor when livestream on PC?

After ensuring that the recording environment is relatively quiet and the connection steps are correct, you can monitor and adjust the microphone gain nob to make the noise floor within an acceptable range; secondly, some streaming software or recording software can help you solve the noise problem.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to using the original cable, connect the end with the magnetic ring to the microphone, and straighten the wire to avoid knotting and entanglement of the wire.


8. How to storage the microphone?

STA-U1 needs to be stored in a dry environment and needs to be protected to prevent dust or smoke in the air from adhering to the surface of the pop filter, thereby affecting the sound quality.



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