Fast Q&A on BoomX-D PRO

Fast Q&A on BoomX-D PRO

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(Summary description)Fast Q&A on BoomX-D PRO 8GB On-board Recording Wireless Microphone

Fast Q&A on BoomX-D PRO

(Summary description)Fast Q&A on BoomX-D PRO 8GB On-board Recording Wireless Microphone

  • Categories:News
  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-18 12:06
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Q1   What is the onboard recording?

Built-in 8G memory can record up to about 24 hours without SD card, which also save up to 24 hours recording files in real time. It can be used directly as a single recorder, or it also can provide backup audio to deal with dropouts or signal issues.

Q2   Will the mute function of BoomX-D PRO affect the 

onboard recording?


Mute control via the transmitter only affects the audio output, not the internal recording. That is to say, with the onboard recording, even if the transmitter is muted, the onboard recording of the transmitter will operate normally.


Q3   How does Safety Channel work?


In safety mode, the left and right channels are merged into one, but two audio tracks are output. One is the normal output audio, and the other is the safety track at -6dB, which is used for avoiding peak audio and invalid recording.


Q4   What are the advantages of digital output and how to 

achieve it? 


In digital output, it maintains lossless output for better sound quality.


BoomX-D PRO is compatible with 3.5mm analog output and USB digital interface devices. Universal for camera, phone, computer and recorder, compatible with 3.5mm and USB interface devices.


Q5  How is the sound quality of BoomX-D PRO?


BoomX-D PRO works at the sampling frequency of 48kHz and a bit depth of 16bits, equipped with an intelligent noise reduction IC. It creates a high-performance configuration for better picking up audio signals, effectively ensuring clear sound and stable transmission.


Q6   How long is the battery life? And how far is the transmission distance?


The receiver of BoomX-D PRO has a battery life of 6 hours, and each transmitter with 4.5 hours. Both have a USB-C interface, which can support both charging and use, realizing a true worry-free battery life.


In the 2.4G global free frequency, effective transmission working range up to 100m realizes smooth recording without staccato.


Q7   Are BoomX-D and BoomX-D PRO compatible?


Yes, the BoomX-D can be used with BoomX-D PRO. The onboard recording, safety channel, digital & analog output modes can be realized as long as the matching device has related functions. 


For example, a BoomX-D transmitter can be used in combination to achieve safe audio/digital & analog dual output function.


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