Content Creator Development

Content Creator Development

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(Summary description)How to Shoot High-Quality Videos with Your Phone

Content Creator Development

(Summary description)How to Shoot High-Quality Videos with Your Phone

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How to Shoot High-Quality Videos with Your Phone

Content Creator Development 


Many people making their first attempts at content creation don't know how to choose equipment. However, a camera requires a certain amount of financial investment. As a beginner in content creation, you can try to use your phone to get a high-quality video at the least cost.


Script Preparation


Content is the most crucial part of video production. Good content is inseparable from the script writing process. You should have a theme before you start, and you can write what you want to express on the document/table/mind map. It is a great way to assist you in organizing your thoughts and will increase the efficiency of the shooting as well as make post-editing easier.


Equipment Preparation


After finishing the script, you should take into account the lighting when choosing the shooting location. You can choose to use natural light or set up your lighting. Please avoid shooting in the intense midday sunlight or the morning/evening hours when the light varies greatly. It is recommended to shoot at 9-11 am and 2-5 pm. However, due to the instability of light, there will be uneven lighting in the video.


There is another choice that you can buy the fill light for lighting. Having a constant, reliable light source is one of the benefits of using fill light. To prevent uneven color temperatures or variations in brightness, it is advised to turn off the lights in your house when utilizing fill light.


After choosing the shooting place and the lighting, use the mobile phone rig or stabilizer to mount the phone so that you can shoot smoothly.


In addition, you need audio equipment. A microphone can make your voice richer and fuller, whereas a mobile phone may be accompanied by noise while recording and negatively impact the audience's sense of hearing. We recommend several cost-effective microphones, and you can choose according to your needs.


Lavalier Mic


If you are not currently thinking about making a large investment in audio, you can select a cost-effective wired lavalier microphone such as the Comica SIG. LAV V05. It is an omni-directional wired lav mic with a 3.5mm, USB-C, or Lightning interface. It has a length of up to 6 meters and is not limited in its use. In addition, V05 supports real-time monitoring and stepless gain adjustment to control the volume of the microphone, which fully meets the needs of beginners.


Shotgun Mic


Affordable microphone options include the shotgun mic VM10II, which has a cardioid polar pattern that concentrates sound on the area directly in front of the microphone while reducing noise. The VM10II requires no power supply and can be used with both cameras and mobile phones. It is also outfitted with a professional shock mount to record a more stable sound. The VM10II is more suitable for users who can shoot in a fixed position.


Wireless Mic


You can also consider the upgraded 2.4G multifunctional wireless microphone VDLive10, which is available in IOS and Android versions. It supports digital/analog dual output, can be used directly on the phone and has the original two-way monitoring and interaction. The display screen makes it easy to monitor the microphone status in real-time during the shooting. There is a versatile case for storage, charging, pairing, and other functions that offers a variety of use scenarios.


Shooting APP Recommendations



The first recommendation is Protake, which has rich camera features. It has a beauty function and image stabilization so that you can get a good image quality. The user interface design is clear and easy to operate. Simple operations can handle daily shooting requirements, making them more accessible to beginners.



The second recommendation is FilmicPro, which is likewise very feature-rich and has a log mode, which adds additional detail to the image. Additionally, it allows for monitoring using an iPad or Apple Watch, which is more suited for experienced video creators.


Editing Software Recommendations



Adobe Premiere offers a broad range of post-production solutions. From editing, color grading, and rendering to adding a variety of filters, effects, subtitles, etc. But it will take up a lot of RAM and has requirements for the computer configuration.



DaVinci Resolve is a professional color grading tool and video editing software. It integrates editing, color grading, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production. DaVinci has powerful color grading features that allow you to tint your videos in any style you want.


It has been said that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Why not start now if you want to become a content creator?


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