Comica Vimo S Operating Guide

Comica Vimo S Operating Guide

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Comica Vimo S Operating Guide

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Thank you for choosing Vimo S dual-channel mini wireless microphone.



Vimo S has black and white two colors and UC and MI two versions. Depending on the version you buy, the product has certain differences.



MI version receiver has a Lightning interface and is suitable for iPhones and iPads with Lightning ports.


UC version receiver has a USB-C interface and is suitable for phones, tablets, computers with USB-C ports.


Open the Vimo S packaging box, you can see the Vimo S charging case, accessory pack, and instruction bag. The charging case contains two transmitters and one receiver. There is a USB C-USB A charging cable, a one-to-two audio & charging adapter cable, and two wind muffs in the accessory pack. And there is a user manual, warranty card, etc., in the instruction bag.

There is a working status indicator light on the front of the transmitter. It flashes blue slowly before pairing, flashes quickly in pairing, and keeps lighting in blue after pairing. The transmitter and receiver have been paired in production and can automatically connect when turned on.


There is a mute/denoise/pairing switch button on the side of the transmitter. After pairing, short press the button to turn on/off mute, the indicator light turns red when mute; Long press the button to turn on/off the denoise function, and the indicator light turns green when denoise. If the transmitter is not paired, long press the button to pair.


The top of the transmitter is a built-in microphone. Please point the microphone at the sound source when using it.


There are charging contacts on the back of the transmitter, which are used for charging the transmitter by the charging case and automatically switching the transmitter on and off. Please keep the contacts clean.

There is a transmitter volume adjustment knob on the front of the receiver, which can adjust the audio volume of transmitters 1 and 2 at the same time. Turning the knob counterclockwise increases the volume, and turning it clockwise decreases the volume.


There are two strip indicator lights on the front of the receiver, which respectively indicate the pairing status of the transmitter 1/2. The light flashes blue before pairing and keeps on blue after pairing.


There is a charging & monitoring jack on the side of the receiver. After connecting the 1/2 audio & charging adapter cable, you can monitor and charge the mobile phone/tablet at the same time.


There is another mode indicator light and a mono/stereo switch button on the front of the receiver. Short press the button to switch between mono and stereo mode. The indicator light turns blue in mono mode and turns off in stereo mode.

The penal of the charging case can display the power of itself and the transmitter. The number in the middle shows the power of the charging case, the left side shows the power of the transmitter in charging slot 1, and the right side shows the power of the transmitter in charging slot 2. There are four grids for the transmitter power, and each grid represents 25% of the power.


The recess at the bottom of the charging case is for storing the receiver. The receiver and charging case are designed with magnetic suction for easy storage. There are two charging slots in the charging case for storing and charging the transmitters.


There is a USB-C charging port on the right side of the charging case. Please do not mix with the receiver's USB-C port when charging.


There is a light sensor inside the charging case. The power will automatically display when opening the case. You can also check the power by short-pressing the wake-up button on the left side of the charging case.

When using Vimo S, please take out the transmitter and receiver first, clip the transmitter on the collar, and plug the receiver into smartphones, tablets, or computers. When using it outdoors, you can put the wind muff on the transmitter to reduce wind noise.


When the receiver is plugged into the 1-to-2 audio & charging adapter cable, the 3.5mm end is connected to the earphone for monitoring, and the USB-C end is connected to the mobile power supply to charge the phone/tablet.

If the transmitter and receiver are not paired, please plug the receiver into the input device first. The unconnected pairing indicator light will flash after the receiver is turned on. Take out the unpaired transmitter and long-press its pairing button. During pairing, the pairing indicator of the receiver flashes quickly. After pairing, the indicator lights of the transmitter and receiver are always on.


The transmitter can be automatically charged when placed in the charging case. The charging time is about 2 hours, and the single battery life is 5 hours.


The charging case can charge two transmitters twice, providing a total battery life of about 15 hours.


This is the basic introduction and usage guide of VIMO S. Sure this mini wireless microphone can be a powerful helper for your content creation.



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