Comica Vimo C Operation Guide

Comica Vimo C Operation Guide

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Comica Vimo C Operation Guide

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Thank you for choosing the Vimo C series wireless microphone.





There are 3 sets of Comica Vimo C series: C1, C2, and C3. According to the different sets you buy, the products and accessories in the package are different.



Open the Vimo C package, there is a black carry case and an instruction bag inside. 

If you purchased Vimo C1, the carry case contains one transmitter and one receiver. If you purchased Vimo C2, it contains two transmitters and one receiver. If you purchased Vimo C3, it contains two transmitters, one receiver, and one charging storage box.



There are also some accessories in the carry case:

1* 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cable

1* 3.5mm TRS-TRRS audio cable

1* 2 in 1 monitoring&charging adapter cable

1* wind muff(C1*1pcs, C2, C3*2pcs)

1* 3-in-1 charging cable(C1,C2)

1* USB C-USB A charging cable(C3)




The top of the transmitter is a built-in microphone. Please point the microphone at the sound source when using it.


There is a working status indicator light on the front of the transmitter. It flashes blue quickly before pairing; keeps lighting in blue after pairing; turns red when mute; turns green when denoise.

There is a Power/Muting button on the side of the transmitter: long-press to power on/off; short-press to turn on/off mute. The following button is Denoise/Pairing button: short-press to turn on/off the denoise function; long-press for pairing.


There are charging contacts at the bottom of the transmitter, which are used for charging the transmitter by the charging case and automatically switching the transmitter on and off. Please keep the contacts clean. In the middle of the contacts is a USB-C charging interface, by which the transmitter supports charging while using.


On the front of the receiver is an LCD, which displays the receiver's output mode and battery power and the transmitter's paring status, signal strength, volume level, battery power, and audio dynamics.

On the right side is a 3.5mm TRS audio output port and a circular Power/Mode switch button. Long press the button to power on/off; short press it to switch mono/stereo/safety channel.



There is a USB charging&monitoring interface on the left side, which can be plugged into a USB-C earphone for monitoring or connected to a mobile power supply/DC power supply for charging. With the 2 in 1 monitoring&charging adapter cable, the receiver can be connected for monitoring and charging.



The two buttons on the left side are Volume Control/Pairing/Display Rotation buttons: short press to adjust the volume of the A/B channel; long press any button to flip the screen.


There are charging contacts at the bottom, which are used for charging the receiver by the charging case and automatically switching the receiver on and off. Please keep the contacts clean.


The receiver has a belt clip on its back, which width is consistent with the cold shoe.

Charging Storage Box


Vimo C3 contains a charging storage box. With it, the transmitters and receiver can automatically power on/off when it’s taken out/put in.



There are four power indicator lights on the front of the charging box, and each bar represents 25% of the charging box's power.


There is a USB-C charging port and a reset hole at the bottom of the charging box. In case of abnormal problems such as failure to charge, you can use the reset pin to insert the reset hole to reset the charging box.




The transmitters and receiver have been paired by default on the production. If a re-pair is needed, please follow the steps below.


When neither transmitter is paired:


First turn on the transmitters and receiver; press and hold the two pairing buttons when the receiver screen is on


After the screen displays "PAIR", press and hold the pairing buttons of the two transmitters


The transmitters' indicator lights flash blue quickly during pairing; keep blue on after the pairing successfully


Receiver screen displays the transmitters' signal



When one of the transmitters is not paired: 


Turn off the paired transmitter first and turn on the receiver and unpaired transmitter; 

Follow the two transmitters’ pairing steps above; 

After pairing, turn on another paired transmitter for use.


When using Vimo C, please take out the transmitter and receiver first, and clip the transmitter on the collar.


The receiver is connected to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops through a 3.5mm TRS-TRRS audio cable;


Connect cameras, switchers, and other devices through 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cables.



If your mobile phone does not have a 3.5mm audio interface, you can purchase a 3.5mm-USBC audio cable or a 3.5mm-Lightning audio cable.


The transmitter and receiver can be charged through the charging storage box or 3 in 1 charging cable. After use, the product can be stored in the charging storage box.


This is the basic operation guide of the Comica Vimo C--a mini, portable, and cost-effective wireless microphone suitable for vlog shooting, interviews, streaming, and podcasting!

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