Comica LinkFlex AD5 Using Scenario

Comica LinkFlex AD5 Using Scenario

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(Summary description)

Comica LinkFlex AD5 Using Scenario

(Summary description)

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What scenarios can Comica LinkFlexAD5 be used in?



Live Streaming


As live streaming has grown in popularity, the audio interface has become a significant device in the live room. When using the audio interface for live streaming, sound quality comes first. The 48 kHz/24-bit recording used by the AD5 audio interface can deliver more sound details.


The built-in DSP chip on the AD5 supports the denoise function of both dynamic and condenser microphones at the same time. It can still produce high-quality sound even in noisy environments. The majority of hosts can easily achieve broadcast-quality recording at home, even without a professional recording studio. In addition, AD5 includes different EQ and REV modes to accommodate diverse usage conditions.


One reason why AD5 can be used as a live streaming tool is its rich interface. The AD5 features two integrated XLR/6.35mm interfaces, two 3.5mm monitor interfaces, two 6.35mm output interfaces, two 3.5mm TRS/TRRS monitor interfaces, a USB-C charging interface, and an independent gain control knob for each channel.


It's worth mentioning that the AD5 also has two USB-C ports and two 3.5mm TRRS input and output ports, both of which can connect to two computers or smartphones simultaneously. This feature perfectly satisfies the needs of hosts who need to use multiple devices to simultaneously live stream on multiple platforms.


Moreover, the AD5 comes with a 48V phantom power supply, and it is not required to use external power supply when using a condenser microphone or a guitar, bass, and other instruments to record the sound.


For game and livestream hosts who need background music, the LoopBack in the audio interface is essential. Supported by LoopBack, AD5 can directly route the digital signal streams back to DAW software and capture all the audio signals from your computer (e.g., the audio signal output from a web browser) for input to the audio interface.


The AD5 has a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery with a long power life of 6 hours, which is designed with outdoor live-streaming creators in mind. There is no need to worry about electricity when live streaming outside or at a location with an insufficient power supply.


With a microphone preamp gain of up to 65 dB, the AD5 can offer various types of microphones to ensure purer sound recording. The multi-channel input of the AD5 is the ideal choice for podcasts that require the use of two or more sound sources. The independent gain control knob on each channel also provides great convenience for post-production.

Instrument Recording

The 48-volt phantom power supply and XLR and 6.35mm composite interface on the AD5 input allow it to be linked to high-impedance instruments like an electric guitar or bass for audio input.


At the same time, the AD5 also supports the direct monitoring function, which can transmit the microphone and instrument signals to the headphones without delay, helping creators to adjust the sound status in real-time so as to facilitate timely adjustment of recording parameters.


The LinkFlex AD5 is a powerful audio solution for creators, whether you're live streaming, recording audiobooks, podcasts, or musical instruments. Use the AD5 to stimulate more creative inspiration!

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