CVM-WM300 is Released

CVM-WM300 is Released

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(Summary description)

CVM-WM300 is Released

(Summary description)

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Since our first wireless microphone--CVM-WM100 released, it has been a long time for us to develop our new wireless microphone--CVM-WM300. Needless to say,  it was a rough road. But finally, we succeeded!

Have you been waiting for it please?

Dear, it won’t let you down.

You know, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks.

First, the appearance and all-metal material will make you feel good.

Please see the picture below:

Second, compared to WM100, it has two transmitters triggered by one receiver and the monitoring socket can fit both TRS and TRRS adapter, which was mentioned in a famous Youtuber’s channel.

Last but not least, please check the amazing functions you will never get in the marketing.

. Dual Transmitters Triggered by One Receiver, A/B Double Group Options;

. 96 Channels, Used for Multiple Devices Working Together;

. Working Distance is Up to 120m (in open area, up to 80m in Barrier Area);

. LCF Low Cut Filtering Mode;

. Auto-scanning for Quick Channel Selection;

. Manual or Auto IR Sync;

. Adjustable RF Signal Strength;

. Audio Dynamic Display Bar;

. 16 Levels Volume Adjustment;

. Transmitter Power Monitor;

. Mono/Stereo Switchable Output Modes;

. Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Slim Body;

. Low-consumption, Super-long Standby Time;

. Lattice LCD Display, High Resolution;

. Full Metal Manufacturing, Excellent Shielding;


If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Every new product will not be so perfect, if you find any problems, please inform us at the first time, we will provide a best solution as always.

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