BoomX-U QUA multi-camera shooting

BoomX-U QUA multi-camera shooting

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(Summary description)Use the BoomX-U QUA for multi-camera shooting

BoomX-U QUA multi-camera shooting

(Summary description)Use the BoomX-U QUA for multi-camera shooting

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How to Use the BoomX-U QUA for

Multi-Camera Shooting?


Unlock new usages!!




Camera Settings


When shooting with multiple cameras, try to choose cameras of the same model or brand to make it easier to match the footage later.


During shooting, you can choose different shots and lenses for much more engaging and enjoyable viewing than relying on a single camera, shooting statically from one angle.


Taking a single-person interview as an example, generally, we choose two cameras, one full shot, and one medium close shot. According to the shooting needs, you can fix the camera in the designated position after determining the number.




Material Synchronization

When shooting with multiple cameras, we also need to consider the synchronization of materials. We can use two methods: time code and audio waveform. Selecting the time code sync requires an additional time code device. Connect the time code device to the camera, recorder, etc. After exporting the material, you can sync the material in the editing software, which is very efficient and convenient.


But time code devices are more expensive. Budget-conscious projects can choose to sync based on audio waveforms. All you need to do is CLAP after every camera and audio roll/cut to create a more obvious waveform, which is easy for the tracking software to identify.


After exporting the material, you can choose a third-party tool or use audio to sync directly in the editing software. This way may cause mistakes, you need to carefully check the video.




One-Transmitter, Multi-Receiver

One-transmitter and multi-receiver are common in single-person interviews, documentaries, etc., which often require multiple shots at the same time.


Multiple receivers can be purchased separately to achieve multi-receiving. When applying BoomX-U QUA to the scenario, you need to pair one receiver with the transmitter first (automatic scanning or manual pairing), and then manually adjust other receivers to the same channel. Then use a 3.5mmTRS-TRS or 3.5mmTRS-XLR audio cable to connect the receiver to the camera/camcorder.


The advantage of multiple-receiving is that there are many receivers in multi-camera shooting, which can record sound at the same time and monitor multiple people, so that the cameraman, director, and sound engineer can monitor the sound simultaneously, which is convenient for timely find and solve problems, improve the shooting efficiency.




Multi-Transmitter, Multi-Receiver

Multi-transmitter and multi-receiver are often used in weddings, multi-person events, and other scenes. The audio signal sent by the transmitter is simultaneously received by multiple receivers. While up to three sets of BoomX-U QUA can be used in the same environment. As we say, 12 people in total.


While improving shooting efficiency, it can also reduce shooting costs and reduce the use of wires. You can pair each device separately before use. When pairing, each device needs to use a different channel, otherwise, it will cause interference. If you choose no mixing mode to output split tracks, you need to use a dual-head 3.5mm TRS-XLR adapter cable or two TRS-TRS adapter cables to connect to recorders or cameras.


The battery life of a single BoomX-U QUA transmitter and receiver is 6.5 hours, and it supports charging while using, so you don't have to worry about battery life during a time-consuming project.



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