BoomX-U QUA Wireless Mic

BoomX-U QUA Wireless Mic

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(Summary description)Introducing Comica BoomX-U QUA: UHF 4 Channel Wireless Microphone

BoomX-U QUA Wireless Mic

(Summary description)Introducing Comica BoomX-U QUA: UHF 4 Channel Wireless Microphone

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  • Author:Comica Audio
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-18 18:15
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Comica BoomX-U QUA

UHF 4 Channel Wireless Mic



Comica released a new professional-grade 4-channel multi-function mini UHF wireless microphone BoomX-U QUA. On the basis of the previous BoomX-U, it realizes 1-receiver to 4-transmitter and supports 4-track mixing/non-mixing output. The battery life is increased to 6.5 hours, and the transmission distance is up to 120m.


It's widely compatible with camera, camcorder, recorder, mobile, and PC, suitable for various situations such as professional films, multi-person interviews, podcasts, vlogs, livestreams, and so on. It makes up the vacant of 4 channel wireless mics in the market, and also expands the professional-grade product line of Comica.

4-Group UHF Wireless Microphone Broadcast Level


BoomX-U QUA uses a 1-receiver to 4-transmitter UHF system, 4 people being easily picked up without a sound mixer. It records hi-fi sound quality and brings more possibilities for shooting and content creation.



24 Channels, Support Multi-Receiver Monitoring & Shooting

Each transmitter has 24 channels to ensure stable signal transmission from interfering with others; at the same time, it supports "one transmitter to multiple receivers", which allows multi-camera recording simultaneously and multi-person monitoring in real-time. Up to 3 sets can be used at the same time, optimizing the workflow to a greater extent.


180° Foldable Antenna

120m Super-Long Transmission Distance


With the 180° foldable antenna, it achieves excellent anti-interference ability and up to 120 meters long transmission distance, making the shooting more stable and never afraid of complex shooting situations.



4 Audio Tracks Mixing and Individual Output

There are two output options. One is the Mixing Mode (4 groups mixed into one audio track output) which is suitable for event shooting, wedding shooting, and short video; Another is Non-mixing Mode (4 independent audio tracks output) suitable for sitcoms and multi-person interviews. The two modes can be flexibly applied to various devices and situations to maximize the satisfaction of different user needs.

Charging While in Use, Battery Life Up to 6.5 Hours

The battery life is surprisingly up to 6.5 hours compared to its mini size. And it supports USB-C charging port while charging, which can easily meet time-consuming live stream and recording.


Internal and External Two Input Modes

BoomX-U QUA continues the design of BoomX series built-in and external mic input. It enriches the applicable scenes, and users can choose the input way according to their needs and preferences.


Support Auto-Scanning / Manual Channel-Setting

Auto-scanning can select the current best channel automatically; meanwhile, you can manually select the wanted channel, and realize the "one transmitter to multi-receiver" and "multi-transmitter and multi-receiver".

LCF, 16-Level Adjusted Gain Control

Optional Language, Muting Functions


Not only that, one-button low-cut filter reduces the low-frequency noise. 16-level gain control effectively extends the dynamic range, and using the mute function can quickly avoid broadcast/shooting slip-up.

LCD Screen for Intuitive Power and Audio Dynamic Monitor


Through the LCD screen, we can monitor the battery power, signal strength, and output mode in real-time, and the audio dynamic bar monitors the working status of the mics ensuring stable and valid recording.


Special Anti-Loose Design for External Lavalier Mic

As a new product of the Comica BoomX series, the external lav mic of the BoomX-U QUA also have a special anti-loosen design. No need to worry about its slip or loosen leading to unsatisfactory sound picking.


Designed with Multi-Functional Belt Clip and Compact


The transmitter can be easily clipped on the collar, while the receiver fits with its cold-shoe quick release plate. The compact and powerful design brings greater convenience to the shooting process.


As a well-known audio equipment brand, Comica has been focusing on research and development of user-oriented products for 10 years, enriching the core of products with technological innovation, combining on-fashion and practical design, and providing users the ultimate experience with sincere products.


Today, BoomX-U QUA meets the needs for simultaneous recording with multiple people/cameras. It's indeed a product that can be easily applied in various situations such as films, commercials, interviews, vlogs, and livestreams.


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