BoomX-D PRO for Summer Video

BoomX-D PRO for Summer Video

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(Summary description)BoomX-D PRO Wireless Microphone for Summer Video Shooting

BoomX-D PRO for Summer Video

(Summary description)BoomX-D PRO Wireless Microphone for Summer Video Shooting

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-21 10:41
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How to Shoot a Summer Video? You

Should Have This Audio Partner


Start a Summer Chapter with a Short Video

Collecting Endless Beauty in Your Life




Let Camera Take the Frame, and BoomX-D PRO Collect the Sound


A beautiful scene is the key to a short video. However, an excellent sound can be the icing on the cake. BoomX-D PRO with excellent and reliable sound quality is one of the best choices of audio equipment for short video shooting. Multiple modes not only make it easier to collect sound but also make shooting more hassle-free.


Worried about the Clipping Sound? Safety Channel Allows You to Shoot at Ease !


If you are shooting outdoors, it may be difficult to ensure that the environment will suddenly appear with noise sounds such as whistling cars, unpredictable sirens, and barking puppies ......It may cause the recorded sound to be invalidated. So you can turn on the Safety Channel mode of the BoomX-D PRO before shooting in unfamiliar environments. Record a second track at -6dB to avoid peak audio and more secure in the recording.



On-Board Recording Lets You No Fear of Interference In the Complex Shooting Environment


To prevent the loss of audio signal, you can turn on the "REC" on-board recording function on the left side of the Transmitter. A single transmitter with 8G memory can record 24 hours of audio, making you not fear the complex environment anymore.



Worried about Shooting Accident? Visual Monitor Make You Rest Assured


In the short video shooting, we need to pay attention to some information such as the power of the device, the volume of the sound, and so on. The cameraman can monitor the status of the audio in real-time by plugging headphones into the monitoring hole on the Receiver of the BoomX-D PRO. In addition, there are visual battery conditions, recording time, and other functions displayed on the screen.


Two-Person Shooting, Double Choice of Flexible Shooting


You don't need to worry about the sound recording if there is a two-person shooting. The BoomX-D PRO is a good helper whether you choose the Mono mode for easy live stream or the Stereo mode for flexible post-production, the BoomX-D PRO can meet different needs.


Easy to Collect Sound Even from a  Distance


If you come to an endless beach or a wide field, the BoomX-D PRO has a transmission working range of up to 100 meters, enabling you to capture the sound of the subject in the long-distance shooting.


Super Long Battery Life, Every Wonderful Moment Can Be Recorded


The Receiver power of BoomX-D PRO lasts 6 hours and the Transmitter can standby for 4.5 hours. Moreover, the BoomX-D PRO supports charging while working. From early morning to dusk, you'll have no problem continuing to shoot all day.


Encountering the Wind, Don't Forget to Wear Wind Muff


If you happen to encounter a slightly hot summer breeze while shooting and feel the wind noise, you can put a wind muff on the Transmitter, which can effectively filter the wind noise.


Did you get the advantages of the BoomX-D PRO?

Whether it is a short video or micro-documentary shooting

It can be your best shooting partner

Hurry up and take the BoomX-D PRO

Start shooting a short video about your summer!


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