BoomX-D PRO Wireless Mic

BoomX-D PRO Wireless Mic

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(Summary description)Introducing Comica BoomX-D PRO Recording Wireless Mic

BoomX-D PRO Wireless Mic

(Summary description)Introducing Comica BoomX-D PRO Recording Wireless Mic

  • Categories:News
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-18 11:02
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Comica BoomX-D PRO      Born to Record


2.4G Dual-channel On-board Recording Wireless Mic



Comica today announced BoomX-D PRO, 2.4G dual-channel on-board recording wireless mic.

As a new system of BoomX series, BoomX-D PRO equips more features based on BoomX-D released in 2020 such as on-board recording with 8GB internal memory, safety channel, digital & analog output mode, white & black two colors, and also expands the working range up to 100m. It's a professional 2.4G wireless microphone specially designed for commercial, film, vlog, interview, livestream and wedding.

Apart from on-board recording function, it records high-quality audio and enhances transmission stability. Mini and integrated BoomX-D PRO solves the frequency and signal issues on normal wireless mic.

2.4G Dual-Channel Wireless Mic, Global Free Frequency

Adopting global 2.4G wireless transmission, dual-channel system, one-button pairing, it provides more comprehensive solutions for film, vlog, content creation, two-person interview, live stream, online conference/ teaching, etc.

8GB On-Board Recording, High-Speed Transmission

Built-in 8GB memory can record up to about 24 hours without SD card. It can save recording files in real time with one button start or stop and transfer file directly via USB-C interface to deal with dropouts or signal issues.

48kHz / 16bits Audio Recording, Intelligent Denoise

BoomX-D PRO works at the sample rate of 48kHz and a bit rate of 16bits, equipped with an intelligent noise reduction IC. It creates a high-performance configuration for better picking up audio signals, effectively ensuring clear sound and stable transmission.


Digital & Analog Output Mode, Identify Device Interface

Intelligent identification output module realizes the optional digital and analog output, universal for camera, phone, computer and recorder, compatible with 3.5mm and USB interface devices.


Safety Mode Available, Ultimate Flexibility in Post-Production

Safety channel records a second track at -6dB to avoid clipping and invalid recording. If the main channel has signal distortion, it can be complemented by the safety track to ensure audio integrity.

Visual Working Status, Real-Time Audio Monitor

Retained TFT screen can facilitate real-time monitoring of power, dynamic audio bar, function settings, etc. What's more, it also has dual-channel 12-level volume adjustment and mute button. Recording your life your way!

Mono / Stereo Mode, Multiple Options

Stereo audio is already supported for all digital output and 3.5mm analog output to some devices such as cameras. BoomX-D PRO can switch mode fast and simplify the workflow.


Internal and External Mic, Two Input Modes

In this two ways, BoomX-D PRO can be flexibly used in different scenes. A little tiny clip can lock the lav mic. Never worry about mic falling or being easily pulled out. Besides, high-density wind muff, a 3-in-1 charging / output cable, carry case, fully armed with these accessories, plug and play!





Support Auto Freq. Adjustment, Achieve Stable Transmission

In addition to auto selection of the suitable frequency and a sound delay of less than 20ms, BoomX-D PRO also brings a powerful upgrade in transmission distance. In the 2.4G global free frequency, effective transmission working range up to 100m realizes smooth recording without staccato.


BoomX-D PRO is another innovation of Comica 2.4G wireless microphone, inheriting the lightweight and mini-size of BoomX series, and reaching new level. Commercial, film, vlog, interview, livestream and wedding, BoomX-D PRO always meets the needs of consumers with more specialized use. 


BoomX-D PRO, Born to Record.

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