1 Microphone for 6 Live Streamings

1 Microphone for 6 Live Streamings

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(Summary description)STA-U1 for Six Different Live Streaming

1 Microphone for 6 Live Streamings

(Summary description)STA-U1 for Six Different Live Streaming

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-21 09:56
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Six Different Live Streaming Can Be Set Done with Just One Microphone!


Making Outstanding Live Studio!



Streaming is so much more than just a game.

Choose STA-U1 with radiant RGB light design, 0 delays, no lag, stable transmission achieving efficient communication, become your best assistant in team battles, and help you ACE the game!


Voice Over

How to be a Voice Talent? Audio quality can make or break it!

The STA-U1 is good at maximizing the restoration of full and rich low-frequency, delicate and clear mid-frequency, and natural high-frequency sound details, comforting the ear. The stepless gain knob adjusts the volume and moves the inner emotions of the listeners.

Vocal Recording
Unleash your sound energy at home! Make your home an excellent Live studio!

STA-U1 equips a 48kHz/24Bit recording module, better than CD-level sound quality, bringing the audience a touching sound quality experience.

Live Commerce
Strike into Live Commerce but don't wanna the setup to be complicated? This set will make it easy for you to go into battle!

STA-U1 can be rotated 360° according to personal needs. The mic base is detachable with the 3/8 threaded hole which can be connected to a boom arm, saving the space on the desk. If there are slip-ups when live streaming, you can mute the mic with one click.

Online Class
Worried about the inconvenience and inefficiency of communication in online classes? Choosing STA-U1!

Built-in sound card, plug and play, helps you teach efficiently. Two-way monitoring provides you with interactive classes, as smooth as offline teaching!

How To Record An ASMR Video With Great Sound?

STA-U1 is a professional condenser microphone with a 16mm diaphragm, creating professional studio-grade sound quality. It is designed with an internal pop filter, filtering out sibilances and pops. It can also protect the microphone and ensure that the sound is more transparent and pure.




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