• BoomX-D
  • SIG.LAV V05
  • Item Name: Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone
  • Item Model: CVM-V01SP



Lavalier Microphone for TRRS Smart Phone 

Built-in Metal Mic, Super-shield to Effectively Reduce the Noise of the Surrounding Environment


Very good sound quality, clear and loud, it is very small, convenient to record songs on your phone , the vocal came out is awesome

1.2M、4.5M、6.0M Long Silica gel Cord, Much Convenient for Short-distance Recording

The cord is made of silica gel, soft and comfortable, bringing you great hand feeling, easy to coil for carrying


Simple Operation, Precise Design and Convenient Carrying



Just plug it in your phone and it worked right out of the box. OMG how much easier could it get. It can also work like a charm on your Ipad as well. You simply transfer the audio file to your computer like you do your pictures. It is simple and anyone can do it

Polar Pattern


Maximum SPL

100dB (@1kHz,1% THD into 1kΩ)

Frequency Range




Output Impedance


Dynamic Range

114dB(per IEC651)


-35dB±3dB re 1V/Pa @1kHz


68dB SPL (@1kHz,rel 1Pa per IEC651)

Cable Length


For Smartphone

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