The 21th China P&E , 2018

Date:2018-05-04 12:18:37

After a long period of development, Beijing International Photographic Machinery and Imaging Equipment and Technology Expo has become the most authoritative and influential photography exhibition in Asia. The emerging technologies and high-performance products of the imaging industry have brought an unparalleled visual feast to photographers from all over the world, which has opened their eyes and gained countless achievements.

Today is May 3, 2018, the 21st China P&E Expo is on schedule at the Beijing Exhibition Hall.

Comica has participated in many domestic and international exhibitions. This is the third time that Comica has participated in the China International Photographic Machinery and Imaging Equipment and Technology Expo. The event venue is as warm as the previous year, with many exhibiting products and excellent quality. At the exhibition, we exhibited the newly developed mixer CVM-AX1 and two film-level professional microphones CVM-VP2 and CVM-VP3. The two microphones on display have low noise, strong radio, anti-interference, and two-tone audio switching. These two microphones can already achieve the recording quality of the film recording level. It is live broadcast, interview, recording audio. Second choice.

Comcia's trip to Beijing is full of professional audio equipment, which has attracted many exhibitors' attention at the exhibition. I look forward to the early arrival of the Expo next year, so that Comica will shine again.

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