Comica Participated in the 2018 NAB Show

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Today is April 12, the four-day National Broadcasting and Television Show (NAB Show) is nearing completion at the Las Vegas International Exhibition Center.

The NAB Show is a highly anticipated exhibition for the global electronic communications media community covering television (broadcasting), radio (broadcasting), audio, post-production, Internet, social media and satellite, film, television studios, independent film producers, and other industry groups; It attracted more than 1800 exhibitors from more than 166 countries and more than 102,000 radio and television media professionals from all over the world. The NAB Show has great influence in the world.

This was the second time that Comica has participated in this grand event. This time we had more fully prepared. At the exhibition, the microphones such as the CVM-WM300, CVM-WM200, and CVM-WS50 that we exhibited attracted the attention of professionals and marketers all over the world and became one of the highlights of the show. What's more worth mentioning is that the two new products we took this time - Shotgun Condenser Cardioid Microphones CVM-VP2 and CVM-VP3, had also been affirmed by many professionals. After simple operated, they were all professional-grade. Sound effects and sophisticated design were full of praise.

At this exhibition, we had a full harvest. In the future, Comica will continue to invest in the research and development of competitive microphones. We will focus on the needs and opinions of consumers, and bring you more professional, delicate and competitive audio equipment products.

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