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The CABSAT exhibition on January 14, 2018 in Dubai is being hold in full swing.



The CABSAT exhibition covers the whole range of digital media industry, including cable, satellite and terrestrial transmission and wireless networks, images, audio and video and broadcast, from production to management, from TV broadcast to communication. It is the biggest electronic media exhibition of Middle East.



During the exhibition, COMICA became the highlight of the exhibition because of the high performance and professional equipment, like CVM-WS50, CVM-WM300, and CVM-V03 , Which attracting large amount of customers ,local and international media’s attention. Especially CVM-WS50,with a total of 6 channels,volume stepless adjustment and ultra-long barrier-free working distance, obtaining many exhibitors’ attention and let  them stop to ask questions about this product for details.



The three-day exhibition is still going on, COMICA will reach cooperation with more customers and get more information about audio equipment field. In 2018,COMICA will still committed to providing wonderful audio equipment for customers.

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