CVM-WS50 is Officially Released

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COMICA CVM-WS50 has been officially released for sale at home and abroad on December 21th, 2017.

It is a distinctive wireless microphone special for smartphone with more detailed designs and stylish appearance.With a total of 6 channels,volume stepless adjustment and ultra-long barrier-free working distance(up       to 60m), WS500 can satisfy any imagination you have when recording voice.Whats more, the lightweight portable design and real-time monitoring of sound quality allowing you conduct video recording easily and           achieve a professional audio-visual effects under any environment.

The main features of CVM-WS50 are as follows:
  6 Channels, Working Distance Up to 60m (In Open Area, 30m in Barrier Area) ;
  Built-in Metal Material Smartphone Holder ;
  LCD Screen for Displaying Channels and Audio Status ;
  Stepless Volume Adjustment ;
  Real-time Audio Monitor ;
  Extendable for Connection with LED Light, Grip, Tripod, Cold-shoe, etc ;
  Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries ;
  Portable and Light ;


If you are interested in our new product:CVM-WS50, please contact us without hesitation or you can buy it directly on COMICAs official store .

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