BTRTV 2017, August 23rd-26th, Beijing

Author:COMICADate:2017-08-29 09:40:23
August 23rd-26th, COMICA Technology Co.,Ltd. attended the 26th BTRTV at China International Exhibition Center. We have made great progress in marketing expanding, product promotion, collaborators communication and image building. 
Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition(BIRTV) is China's top-notch exhibition in the industry of radio, film & TV, which has been well received by the broadcasting industry at home and abroad. With the progress of science and technology, it has become the capital importance to fit in with the request of Chinese development, providing advanced products and services.
During the exhibition, there are several advanced products exhibited at booth 2B185, like WM100 UHF 48 channels wireless microphone, WM300 UHF 96-channel metal wireless microphone with dual-transmitter and one receiver, Dual-head multifunctional lavalier microphone, etc.
Our colleagues introduced them thoroughly; the visitors obtained the first information of these high-tech products; tens of companies and individuals kept contact with COMICA for further cooperation.
COMICA has shown its profession, high technology and high quality by mean of this exhibition, which provided us an excellent chance to promote our products directly. We received all straight praise via the expo.

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