CVM-D03(Dual.LAV) is Officially Released

Author:COMICADate:2017-07-14 15:52:28

Adhering to the mission of continuous creation, COMICA CVM-D03 has been officially released on July 12th, 2017.



With built-in multifunctional circuit, CVM-D03 has additional functions on the basis of traditional dual-head microphone, such as “volume adjustment”, “stereo/mono mode selection”, “real-time monitoring”, etc. Moreover, the detachable design for “control panel and wire” brings much convenience for storage; this versatile and flexible dual-head lavalier microphone is an excellent choice for outdoor or indoor video recording.


The main features are as follows:

. Dual-head and Two-source Audio Recording;  

. Detachable Mic and Device Body for Convenient Storage;

. Stepless Sensitivity Adjustment;   

. Mono/Stereo Modes Switch;  

. Real-time Audio Monitoring;

. Built-in Lithium Battery, Slim Body;

. Super-long Standby Time Up to 100h;

. Metal Panel for Excellent Shielding.


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