WM100 is Officially Released

Author:COMICADate:2017-06-26 10:43:46

No pains, no gains.


With the unremitting efforts of all the staff, CVM-WM100, UHF 48-channels wireless microphone, the new product of Comica has been officially released.


On the basis of summarizing customer experience, we aim to highlight the Main Features: 


. 48 Channels for Multiple Devices;  

. Working Distance Up to 100m without any staccato; (In Barrier-free Area)    

. Local Audio Test at Transmitter End;  

. Real-time Audio Status Monitoring at Receiver End;   

. RF Signal Strength Adjusted at Transmitter End;  

. 16 Steps Volume Adjustment;

. Muting Mode; 

. Lattice LCD Display, High Resolution; 


Compared to similar products, WM100 realizes 100m smooth recording without staccato; meets the national requirements for broadcasting level. 


Welcome the masses of customers to choose!

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