NAB Show in April, 2017, America

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What's new in 2017?

The NAB Show in April, 2017 came to a successful end on April 27th in Las Vegas Convention Center.

This is the first time that COMICA has stricken a pose on this stage.


We showed various kinds of products at No. C12628 Booth, such as microphones, 3-Axis Video Gimals, video stabilizers, etc.

The new product: WM100/WM300, wireless microphones seemed extremely attractive.

Once the products were put on the display shelf, many shutterbugs were attracted to come for a visit.



The visitors couldn’t help trying out the new products: WM100/WM300, wireless microphones.

Yeah, the working distance is up to 100m in barrier-free area!


The main features of WM100:

. 48 Channels for Multiple Devices; 

. Working Distance Up to 100m without any staccato; (In Barrier-free Area)    

. Local Audio Test at Transmitter End;  

. Real-time Audio Status Monitoring at Receiver End;    

. RF Signal Strength Adjusted at Transmitter End;  

. 16 Steps Volume Adjustment;

. Muting Mode;

. Lattice LCD Display, High Resolution;  


 The staff in Shenzhen Commlite Technology Co., LTD. patiently introduced the new products to customers.


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